muisti – A Fashionable Medication Reminder

"muisti" is a fashionable medication reminder in form of an attachable patch for your everyday clothes. Regardless of the age group, the wearable helps to keep track of your medication intake. Different to most other alarms, "muisti" reminds you silently and works perfect for places, where people tend to be quiet (e.g. working environment or school).

Project background

The project "muisti" was developed during my semester abroad at Victoria University in Wellington. Within the course "Wearable Tech" I developed a concept that helps people to remember when to take their medication. The task of the project was to use LEDs in the context of a self-designed wearable.

Project type

Physical Computing (6th Semester), Studentproject at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)

Year and Duration

2017, 4 weeks


Anne Niemetz

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My Role

Conception, Prototyping


Arduino, Embroiderymachine, RFID