Intention Extension – An extension for Chrome

The "Intention Extension" is a tool which helps one not to lose sight of the own intention and/or the self-chosen goal and to make it permanently visible while browsing the internet. In addition, users are encouraged in advance to think about the following use of the internet.

Concept and Research

The "Intention Extension" is based on a study by social scientist Howard Leventhal (Yale University) from 1960. According to the study, people are more likely to pursue an activity if they make a "commitment" in advance. This commitment can be made through writing it down and thus encourages the person to make a decision that he or she is more likely to stick to.

The "Intention Extension" is intended to help users to better pursue their own intentions while using the Internet.

The extension was implemented as a functional chrome extension within a few days, so that the prototype could be tested on several people who installed it on their computer and used it for several days.

Based on the feedback, further versions of the "Intention Extension" could be developed in the future.



After installing the "Intention Extension", the icon of the extension is visible in the toolbar of the browser and can be used at any time.

Defining the intention

As soon as you click on the icon in the extension bar, an input field appears in which the intention can be written. By clicking on the arrow, or by pressing "enter", the input is saved and defined as an intention.

During use

The intention remains visible in the upper right corner of the browser window on every website and can be closed again by the "x". If the user wants to change his intention, he only has to define a new intention inside the input field.

Project type

Prototyping for a Studentproject at University of Applied Science Schwäbisch Gmünd (HFG)

Year and Duration

2018, 1 week


Jennifer Piperek

My Role

Conception, Prototyping, Realisation


JavaScript, JSON, Chrome Extension