Hi – my name is Marianne.
I am an Interaction Design student from Germany, studying at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in 4th semester. Currently I'm looking for an internship in 2017. If you like my work feel free to contact me.

I am passionate about prototyping everything. I like to use LEGO or cardboard to build simple mockups at the beginning and during the design process. For digital projects I prefer paper prototyping or first interaction impressions made with prototyping tools like Principle or Framerjs. Describing my ideas with pencil and paper is also very important for me.

This semester I'm working on two interesting projects. Along with the two Communication Design students Anna-Lena Bork, Antonia Größchen and one Interaction Design student Leonard Weigand we work on an exhibit in the area of physics for "Deutsches Museum München". More precisely, an interactive desk will offer an overview of the "Ohms Law".

Together with Martina Eckert and Leonard Weigand I work on an educational project. It is about combining analog and digital parts to use both benefits. With the help of interactive videos, students will get a short introduction into new topics at home. A camera station digitizes analog material such as various shapes, writing and other input.


03/2015 until now

BA Interaction Design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd (4th semester)

09/2013 until 07/2014

Prestudies at Aicher-Scholl-Kolleg in Ulm

09/2005 until 07/2013

Humboldt Gymnasium Ulm, Abitur (correspond to A-levels)

Work expirience

07/2016 until 08/2016

Vacation job at stellar design and engineering GmbH Ulm

08/2015 until 09/2015

Vacation job at stellar design and engineering GmbH Ulm


10/2014 bis 03/2015

Intern at stellar design and engineering GmbH Ulm

03/2014 bis 04/2014

Intern at Heisler Architekten Ulm


Intern at PERI GmbH Schalung Gerüst Engeneering Weissenhorn



Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, After Effects, Primiere, Cinema 4D


Framer.js, Principle, Html, CSS, Java Script, VVVV, Arduino, Processing


German, Englisch, French (basics)


since 09/2016

German National Scholarship Program (Deutschlandstipendium)


sketching, playing the cello and piano, hiking